Prefabricated Building Modules

“Rapid Construction of Homes and Commercial Buildings”

New Modules

All modules are built brand new and have never carried cargo!
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Disaster Proof

Our structures can endure the worst natural disasters preserving your investment!
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Modules built in our state of the art facility ensuring high quality and faster construction!
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Small Footprint

No need for standard foundations reducing the carbon footprint!

Painting & Exterior

Paint and exteriors that last! Less up keep, longer quality of life!


National construction issues resolved through innovative methods!

Industries Served


utilize our prefabricated engineered modulars for rapid deployment of quality homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional building methods. Our prefabricated modules can be used in commercial and residential development projects and are a cost effective solution in comparison to traditional construction methods.

Architects & Engineers

enjoy the fast design and process of working with us, our Prefabricated Engineered Modules take the guess work out of the engineering and design process. Each module is designed and engineered for helping Engineers and Architects use our systems as lego blocks.

Governmental Sectors

FEMA, HUD and other government agencies can leverage our network of Architects and Developers to mass deploy disaster relief systems on a National basis. Our ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility boasts a total of nearly 2,000,000 square feet under roof with the capabilities to help curb the current, National Affordable Housing Shortage by providing mass production capabilities while providing affordable housing at a more effective costing model.

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