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Welcome to Container Modal! We’re eager to share our shipping container knowledge and sites with you. Container Modal is fast becoming the leader in the shipping container industry. We specialize in everything surrounding shipping containers and its community, from the designs for container homes and businesses to container logistics, sales, technology and endless designs for container construction.

Core Competencies


Container Modal integrates top-notch functionality with simple, elegant designs. We offer the most comprehensive way to get your container home or business jump started. No expensive ‘back and forth’ consulting fees charged by architectural engineering firms….

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Container Modal ‘Rough-In’ models combine unconventional innovative construction methods with standard conventional methods. This integration makes it easier for local building code offices to understand and follow the federal and local codes.

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Container Home Living… What does this mean? It could mean you like nature, recycling, going solar, more efficiency, growing your own food, sustainable living, going ‘green’ or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to design and build your own unique container home or business…

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