About Us

A Matter of Principles

ContainerModal abides by 3 fundamental truths. These serve as our foundation for all products, services, technologies and systems:

  1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly
  2. Making a Difference for the Greater Good
  3. Providing Win-Win Scenarios with Emphasis on Satisfaction for All Consumers, Businesses and Affiliate Service Providers

These principles were developed over a decade and inspired not only by the passions of the ContainerModal founders, but by you! You’ve given abundant feedback. Your responses, comments, questions and requests given through our sites, social media, home owners, business partners, affiliates, etc. has also been our inspiration! We hear you. We continue to listen and strive for excellence negotiating Win-Win scenarios in all we do from products and prices to service and support.

It’s been an exciting journey for everyone involved with the growth of this unique company! The six years ContainerModal invested on research and development in eastern Tennessee fine tuning each specialized product, system, technology, Shipping Container Trailers and process has paid off! The expensive time and intense focus given by our founder to invent and develop each of these, resulted in ContainerModal’s higher efficiency in ‘all’ aspects of the shipping container industry.

ContainerModal continues discovering new ways the eco-friendly and sustainable space can assist our demographic.

Research & Development

The systems, methods and processes used in our research and development were primarily designed by our founder, who is also our current CEO. His dedication, along with several internal engineers, perfected each process and more! This ingenuity changed the shipping container industry forever.

  • Deflection Rate Measurements
  • Foundation Connection Systems
  • Production Processes
  • Robotic Systems
  • Rain Water Collection Systems
  • Door and Window Systems
  • Container Logistics Software
  • Solar and Wind Systems
  • Framing Systems
  • Aquaponic Systems
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Container Connection Systems
  • Container Home Designs
  • Flooring Systems
  • Eco Friendly Construction Methods

These processes and manufacturing capabilities were designed to accomplish one purpose; meeting and exceeding expectations of every customer!

R & D at Work

We’ve included this slideshow to illustrate just a ‘few’ of the high-tech, patented inventions our founder revolutionized for the shipping container industry!



Container Rotisserie

Equipment designed to measure the deflection rates of a shipping container when rotated in various positions. The ‘Rotisserie’ can spin any size shipping container 360 degrees!


Two patented window systems were developed. Either system can be used in commercial or residential shipping container construction.

Clean Lines

‘Clean Line’ construction methods provide superior quality and a seamless look in any container structure.

Commercial Design

A 400,000 square foot mix of manufacturing, datacenter and retail space prototype was designed for the city of Erwin.

R&D Equipment

This plasma/punch combo was used in manipulating standard equipment to create new, innovative processes for construction on shipping containers.

Full Builds

Numerous builds were completed during the R&D process. These builds gave us real scenarios to utilize our new processes, methods and designs.

Framing Systems

Our unique framing systems work in conjunction with our Window Systems!

Build Times

The methodology we implement in our builds after years of R&D, give us accurate build times. This provides cost effective pricing without sacrificing unsurpassed quality!


We’ve developed and patented a line of unique trailers specifically for transporting shipping containers!


Our Facebook community has grown to over 10,000 members and continues every week! Join us in our passion for ‘Everything Shipping Containers!’


We strive to surpass all others in this industry through our passion, determination and fundamental principles while continuing to “Think Outside the Box.”  This forward thinking helps us determine best case scenarios and win-win negotiations. The links below summarize a few things we do within our business. As always, we’re here to serve you and this industry as a whole.

Our Rough-In Process 
– Our build processes are the most cost effective solutions on the market today!
Container Home Living
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Our Window Systems
– Designed specifically for container homes and commercial builds.
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Our YouTube Channel
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Shipping Container Trailers
– Trailers designed, built and patented by our founder

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