Shipping Container Home Design

A 3D Shipping Container Home Design App Built Exclusively for the iPad

The ContainerModal 3D Container Home Design Application built specifically for the iPad. It is a first of its kind application that takes the guesswork out of how to design a Single or Multi-Level Shipping Container Home. With drag and drop functionality create a Shipping Container Home right on your iPad.

If you are looking for a Container Home that is ready to be put on your lot or are a developer looking for multiple units take a look at our Container Home Manufacturing page.

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Design Software

What it is

Container Modal uses the latest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Engines allowing you to see exactly what your new Container Home Design will look like on your lot! It gets even better, now that you have your Container Home on your lot, slip on a pair of Virtual Reality Goggles and take a tour of your creation! Don’t like it? No problem, slip back into design and make? changes until you have your home exactly the way you want it. When your done you can then print out your plans.

Now wait a minute, it gets even better! Not sure what the next step should be after you print out your plans? No worries! Submit your plans to a qualified engineer and architect right from your iPad!

The features get even better…

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Design Software

Floor Plans in a Flash!

Build walls with ease using your Apple Pencil, drag them into position, erase sections, add a door, make a bathroom, add a deck, design your kitchen and keep going until the entire Container Home is designed!

This is not only the first, but is the easiest 3D Shipping Container Home Design app you will ever use.

Add Furniture

Choose from furniture that is real not just a CAD picture and place it where you want to get a real life experience of what your home is going to really look and feel like when you start your tour!

A Visual Design That Works!

A real time view of what your 3D Container Home Design will look like before you spend a single dime on construction! Using Container Modal gives you a true view of your design in a 3D model that is second to none. The visual aspects are so uncanny and real you will think that you have built your new Shipping Container Home before you cut a single piece of steel or set your first window.

Get Notified when the app is ready:

Design Software

Try it on location!

Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Engines allow you to see exactly how your 3D Shipping Container Home Design will look on your building lot! Take a picture of your building lot, import it into Container Modal and position your 3D design on your building lot. You can then look at your design from a “Drone” view. Want to walk around your property and in the 3D home? Not a problem, grab a pair of VR Goggles and walk around and in your new home! A true experience of a home you designed!

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