Designs Matter

It All Starts with a Design!


ContainerModal¬†understands the many factors in considering your perfect container home design. Some of the immediate things to consider…

  1. The Property – You want to be familiar with how your container home fits on the land you’ve chosen. For example; take into consideration the trees, the overall landscape, how your home will fit on the land, etc…
  2. Container Placement¬†– Designing a home out of shipping containers gives you endless options! Keep in mind containers can be stacked, placed side by side, set apart and connected by rooms or walkways, cantilevered over water or sloping ground, turned any direction, etc… All these possibilities turns your design into a unique reflection of the environment and your style!
  3. Interior and Exterior Finishes – Think about the interior as well as the exterior finishes. The coverings of your ceiling, floor and walls determines a large part of what drives the ‘feel’ of your style. Some want to show off the containers while others like the clean lines of sheetrock and FRP type finishes.
  4. Budget – No one likes to admit this, but sometimes our wish list gets bigger than our wallet. Be realistic with how much you’re willing to spend for your container home. ContainerModal homes are already cost effective but we can help keep costs around $100.00 per square foot.

We can go on and on about ways to design your dream container home, but in the end, it’s about your priorities, your style and your end goal! Select one of our models Container Home models or visit our design site and choose one of our designers from around the world who specialize in creating one-of-a kind container home masterpieces!

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