Container Home Living

What does it mean to own a container home? It could mean you like nature, going ‘green’, recycling, tiny home living or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to design and build your own unique container home! Container Home Living is more then a passion, its a Lifestyle!

Container Home Living is about inspiring others. It’s about caring for the world around you. This lifestyle refreshes, simplifies, helps organize, enlightens. It’s fun, it’s freeing and it’s just down right cool!

ContainerModal is passionate about the Everything Shipping Container industry! We’ve put this page together to bring those who love the container industry together with the sustainable and eco-friendly community. Products through reputable merchants who fit in this space. Supporting cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly products, services and businesses is how we’re winning in our effort to conserve resources, limit waste, preserve our environment, promote quality of life and so much more!


EMPE USA is a high-quality CBD company creating 100% organic products here in the USA. Container Modal is pleased to share this company and their products with you.

Their incredible products will enhance your life as well as your pet’s life:

  • Gummies
  • CBD Oil
  • Delta-8
  • Pet Care
  • Topical & Skin Care
  • Vaping



SUNPOWER is changing the way the world is powered. Their products and services span the entire USA and focus on 40 states! Container Modal is excited to introduce their products!

Offers sustainable ways that save you money:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Cells
  • Solar Powered Roof Systems
  • Solar Batteries
  • Complete Systems
  • Installation



WREN is a not for profit company who’s mission is to make our world a better place through numerous projects spanning the globe! Container Modal believes WREN is truly making a difference!

Preserving and bettering our world one project at a time:

  • WREN Climate Fund
  • Regenerative Agroforestry
  • Community Tree Planting
  • Clean Cooking Fuel for Refugees
  • Technical Rain Forest Protection
  • Impact Live Feed

Garden Tower Project

Are you a first-time Garden Tower® vertical planting user? Are you still new to gardening in general? As a beginner gardener, it’s easy to become intimidated by the procedures and requirements that go into tending a garden. Garden Tower® system can be used by anyone, regardless of experience level.

They offer the knowledge every skilled gardener needs to succeed:

  • What’s better, planting from the bottom or the top?
  • Where to plant vining things
  • How to plant melons
  • Which flowers attract bees and butterflies
  • What is the best soil to use?
  • and More!

Simply Straws

Simply Straws offers simple solutions to reduce single-use plastics through reusable straws, utensils, and drinkware. They strive to use business as a force for good. This award-winning certified B Corporation is a WBENC Certified Women Business Enterprise and a member of 1% For The Planet.

Their incredible products and services:

  • BPA Free products
  • Durability
  • Hot and Cold Beverage Straws
  • Minimal Environmental impact production
  • Stainless, Glass, Sleeves, Lids, and Custom
  • Women-Owned

Pela Case

The phone industry has created a huge problem! They’re greedy so they use cheap, polluting plastics for their phone cases. Pela knows you and our planet deserve better! They’ve created the world’s FIRST 100% compostable phone case and yes, these cases protect your phone. Check out how they’re better!

Their products include:

  • Phone Cases
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch Straps
  • Airpod Cases
  • Phone Grips
  • Radiation Reduction Tools for Phones

Earth Love

The Best Subscription Box and Gifts and Eco Living

  • Monthly subscription boxes – Cancel at any time
  • Gift Boxes
  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Sustainable Products
  • Home  Essentials
  • Bath and Body
  • Natural Biodegradable and Reusable Products

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