Thought you couldn’t make a difference in the climate crisis? Now you can.

Go beyond reduce, reuse, recycle: fund world-class climate solutions with Wren.

All Wren projects meet three rigorous criteria:

  1. Precise tracking
    We carefully check how much CO₂ is offset by each project, so we can promise you a lasting impact.
  2. Regular updates
    We get data straight from projects on the ground, so you can track your impact, month by month.
  3. Every dollar makes a difference
    Our projects wouldn’t happen without your support. With Wren, your money makes a real impact.

You get Monthly Updates with Wren

Each update is filled with:

  1. Pictures
    You don’t have to imagine your impact. You can see it each month.
  2. Data
    We share the details with you. Count every tree planted, every acre reforested, every ton of carbon offset.
  3. Stories
    Read stories fresh from farms or forests. See how your choices don’t just help the earth. They change lives too.


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