We Combine Unconventional Construction with Conventional Construction

Building Blocks

Shipping Containers – The new Building Blocks of Construction!

Municipalities are facing issues on ‘how’ to regulate building codes as the container home and business industry grows. Larger cities make adaptions, others don’t know where to begin. Lack of understanding with this unconventional container construction and engineering has been the major cause of these issues.

ContainerModal alleviates these issues with our ‘Rough-In’ models. We combine innovative, unconventional construction with standard conventional methods. This ‘marriage’ makes it easier for building code offices to understand the ‘how’ in following their standard federal and local codes.

Doors, windows, framing and exterior paint are completed at our 1,400,000 shipping container facility. Keeping this portion of construction in a controlled environment cuts costs considerably! ContainerModal keeps quality control standards extremely high throughout construction while offering ‘you’ the most cost effective solution.

Shipping Containers are becoming more and more common in construction from custom built container homes to uniquely designed commercial buildings. Designs are endless with shipping containers and they have become the new ‘building blocks’ for for dream homes.

Purchasing one of our ContainerModal Rough-In packages means we’ll do the ‘heavy lifting.’ This saves you time, money and gives you a jump start towards finishing your dream container home or business!

About the Process

You can select from one of our pre-designed packages and make your modifications; floor plan, exterior colors, doors, window placements, etc…

What’s delivered:

  • Windows and Doors Welded-In
  • Exterior Paint
  • All Rough-In Framing of Interior Walls
  • Engineering Stamped Foundation Drawings including Foundation Type and Connections Needed
  • Information Packet on How to Find the Correct Sub-Contractors to Finish on-Site Finance Work along with Site-Work

Our experienced designers, engineers, architects and ‘boots on the ground’ workforce will help you every step of the way. We’re here to answer your questions through our Advanced On-LineTicketing System.


Paint and Windows Installed

Delivery to your Site

The above represents a Rough-In Model we completed in our facility.  Any one of our designs on the Container Home Design page can be a candidate for a Rough-In model. ** Please note: Due to the rising costs of lumber, we’ll begin using steel studs for our Rough-In models.**

One of Our First Rough-In Models

Initial Design

This home was one of our first Rough-In design models.

We used:
1 – 40′ High Cube Container
2 – 20′ Standard Height Containers
1 – 20′ Flatrack Container- It doubled as the front deck and acted as structural support

Cut-Ins and Layout

After the initial Design Process we cut in all the doors and windows, welded the frames in, painted the unit and wrapped the 20′ Flatrack Container with 5/4″ pressure treated decking. We then dry married the units together to ensure a correct fitment and the all of the Shipping Containers matched up perfectly and were square.

Insulation Install

After the layout and fitment we then put the Shipping Containers on our custom built Rotisserie. For this particular build we used a standard fiberglass insulation and plastic as a vapor barrier. We always recommend using Closed Cell Foam for insulating Container Homes, but for cost savings this client opted to go with the fiberglass. We agreed to go with the fiberglass insulation because of the way this home was set on its foundation, it had plenty of  air-flow under the home and moisture and mold would not be a problem.

Window Installation

When we completed the insulation we then installed all of the windows, using our Cut and Burn Window System.

Final Fitment Check

At this point we completed all of the paint, framing (not disclosed how to), door and window setting, and got the 4 containers ready to load on our tractor trailers ready for setting on the customers lot.

Container Home Setting Day!

We loaded up all of the containers on our tractor trailers and had all 4 Containers there the day before the crane came, because of careful planning this particular set only took 3 hours. Our crew was on-site to assist in the setting of the home, finalize all of the weldments to the foundation anchors and button the home up.

This was the first container home set in Washington County Tennessee!


We were pleased with the outcome of our very first Rough-In Container Home. We attribute much its success to all of the R&D we have spent on building homes out of shipping containers. The real success came in the planning. With this being said, if you are interested in a Rough-In Container Home that you can finish yourself we have put together a simple process to make this a reality. The advantage to all of our Rough-In builds is we marry “Unconventional Construction to Conventional Methods” this help ensure the local code offices understand what they are inspecting and it helps lessen the bourdon of the approval process.

What it takes:

  1. We make a design for you based off of your requirements – this amount is credit back to the build if you decide to move forward.
  2. We work with our local engineers to make sure the foundation and structural drawings are stamped.
  3. We explain how to take the design to the code office to pull permits.
  4. We help you with shipping and how to locate a crane service.

Thats about it, but it all starts with a Design, nothing can be done without one!


ContainerModal has developed a no-hassle approach to getting your new container home or business to your site and ready for final fit-out.


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Door and Window Installs

Each Door and Window Selected is installed and finished our in facility, this saves you considerable time, effort and money when this part of your build is done in our controlled, production environment.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Eliminates the need to have a professional welder to come out on site and charge for his rig and time.
  • Controlled Environment – we have systems in place that are used to give the speed and efficiency of a production facility with a staff of professionals that do this work day in and day out.
  • Saves Money – eliminate the costly mistakes that can be done in the field, anything can happen!
    Window Frames not Square
    Bad Cuts in the Container causing unsightly patch work or having to change the size of the door or window because of a bad cut
    Window and Doors not set correctly causing issues of leaking and mold down the road
  • Proprietary – Our Door and Window Systems are proprietary in Nature and are developed to use in conjunction with our Framing systems. These methods provide a very seamless transition from metal to wood and keep a more traditional approach to a modern design or vice-versa
Framing Sytems

Like our Door and Window Systems our Framing Systems are in a controlled production environment and provide a much more efficient and cost effective solution that saves you time and money. These Framing Systems also provide a unique tie-in to the Closed Cell Foam Insulation and ultimately turns your Container Home or Office into an Efficient Cocoon.

Certified and Engineered

We provided certified stamped engineering drawings, based on your locale, for Foundation type, Foundation Connections and Engineering on the Structure itself with every one of our Rough-In units. This is very important to provide to your local code office when applying for permits. Engineered drawings help eliminate 95% of the structural questions from your locale. This also provides them the needed information that will help them understand that they can follow the standard building codes for both Residential and Commercial inspections.

On-Going Support

We understand what challenges you may be having to face when building a Container Home or Commercial Building. We are here to help you from the time you order from us to gettin your Certificate of Occupancy.

This includes:

  • Introduction packet on how to source a good contractor in your area to help finish out the build
  • Help in identifying a crane to set your boxes
  • Help in identifying a Mason to do the foundation work and/or site work (most masonry companies can help with all of your site work)

We will make sure you have what you need along the way. We may already have companies we worked with in the past that can  finish out the on-site build. 

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