The Cut & Burn Window System

Container Home Window Installation has Never been Easier!

Residential & Commercial Application

What does it take to build a ‘container’ home or commercial building? Good question. Container Modal resolved AND perfected what others are now discovering as the container home and business industry grows; the biggest and most difficult part of building out of shipping containers is the door and window installation!

Our ‘Cut & Burn’ window system eliminates the difficult hassle and time consuming burden of cutting steel, squaring it up, welding it, grinding down welds, priming the steel, setting the windows and finally, installing them. The time saved and mistakes avoided means money in your pocket!

Window Systems that Make Sense

Efficient, Tested, Proven

There hasn’t been an easier way to install windows in your shipping container home or business, until now!

Container Modal’s unique, patented design puts the structural integrity back into your shipping container!

All window sizes are designed to fit within the outer-most part of the shipping container rib creating seamless, clean lines on both vertical sides of the window.

A More Comfortable Container Home!

The ‘Cut & Burn’ window system allows you to enjoy large expanses of glass yet remain airtight, comfortable and draft-free!

Our windows are exceptionally designed for thermal efficiency. These properties are enhanced when selecting one of our qualified ENERGY STAR glass options.

You’ll love the way your container home or business feels as well as the savings you’ll see on energy costs!

Clean Lines

Don’t miss your window of opportunity! Choose one of our professional, clean-line ‘Cut & Burn’ Window Systems. You’ll appreciate their beauty and easy-install instructions.

The Guardian

These ‘High Impact’ windows can sustain winds from a category F5 hurricane! Give yourself peace of mind. You can’t always escape a storm, but you can stand up to it. These windows ensure your investment stays safe and dry.

Crystal Line

Adventure is just outside your window! We make sure you don’t miss it. Our ‘Standard’ window line provides the beauty and practicality you deserve when ‘High Impact’ windows aren’t a necessity.


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