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Container Home Designs is a site that was created out of a passion for Container Homes and not for a dollar, hence we do not charge as much as other freelance sites on the Internet. Unfortunately our service is not free simply because of the cost it takes to run a site such as this, to ensure the customer gets what they pay for and you get paid for your work. We only take 12% of your gross Design fee. This cost covers the fee we have to pay to the credit card processor, the transfer fees to send payouts along and site operations. There is no other fee that we collect from you…

Container Home Designs is truly excited to know you are interested in showcasing your designs on our marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces or freelance sites we do not just accept anyone and our site and partner sites are dedicated to Container Homes and everything eco-friendly.

When you apply to become a designer on our site you must pass certain criteria. The criteria is not overwhelming and are very basic, more importantly we do not want to overwhelm our clients, meaning your clients and our clients, with too many options that are not up to quality standards. In the same respect we do not want our Designers to starve for business so we must have a balance between the two.

Container Home Designs Requirements:

  1. You must produce quality work.
  2. You must love what you do.
  3. You must be cordial and patient with the client and understand that you are designing their dream home.
  4. You must be truthful when filling out the below form.
  5. Having a reference from an approved designer is a huge help, but not required.

That’s is pretty much it! Please fill out all the fields to the best of your ability and remember we do verify your submitted information, if any of it is false your application will be rejected without question.

Again thank you very much for wanting to become part of our site and community of Container Home Lovers!

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