Hurricane Rated Modules

A new definition of the beauty in being safe!

Over the past several decades we have seen changes in our world’s weather patterns. Changes that are caused by several factors, including increased carbon emissions, global warming, and pollution, along with additional factors that have caused increases in severe storm activity. These storms are not only increasing in frequency, but also in strength, causing devastation in landscape, destroying homes and displacing people by the thousands.

ContainerModal realizes change has to happen to help curve this shift in our world’s weather patterns and it is one of our missions to help curve this shift in a more positive direction. Our Modules not only offer a smaller carbon footprint, but offer the safety and security owners deserve while protecting their largest investment.

Our Hurricane F5 rated Module System was engineered to provide people in high impact, disaster prone areas the ability to weather these storms.

Our Hurricane Rated Module System!

The below wire slide show presentation is based on a beach side Villa in a high impact disaster prone area. Our modular prefabricated systems arrive on site 85% completed and only final insertion, connection and cosmetics need to be preformed on site. The final outcome is a F5 Rated structure that will be not only visually appealing, but will be able to stand the most horrific storms mother nature can throw at them.

  • Module Staging
    All modules are staged after the structural steel receiving frame is completed and ready for module insertion.
  1. Module Staging
  2. Module Insertion
  3. Insertion Completed
  4. Exterior Finishes
  5. Completed Unit

A High Impact Villa Ready to move into!

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