Legal Terms and Use of our Systems and Sites

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ContainerModal is a unique company that prides itself on the legal aspects of the internet, local government and federal governments. Our respect and acceptance of these legal bodies, that govern our day to day lives, can not be ignored. ContainerModal also has the belief that these bodies are for the people by the people and we strive to make changes in the lives of others for the greater good, whether it is in our technology or in the homes we sell. Every site, technology, service or product we produce is to help people ascertain their dreams and give each of our customers, users, or site visitors the control they need to reach their dreams and goal. As a customer, site user, visitor or partner company we ask that you follow the terms of use/service, privacy policies, and contracts that are giving on a per product and service type offered .

ContainerModal asks that you be truthful and respect not only the laws we live by, and our respective terms of use/service while using our systems, sites, services, and processes. Since ContainerModal operates on numerous platforms, owns several websites and offers a wide array of services and products we have many legal documents that are part of or in whole to the selected product, service, site, or system that you use that is under our umbrella.

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