Our Facility

“ISO 9001 Certified”

1,880,000 Square Feet Under Roof

ContainerModal’s facility has two building, the first is 1,400,000 square feet and is the main production facility for module manufacturing. The second facility is the our flooring facility, this facility manufactures all of the flooring, wall finishes, ceiling finishes, door and windows for our modules. Each one of our modules is ISO certified and our engineered with specific load capacities. With these state of the art facilities we can produce one module every 45 seconds. More about our modules can be found on our “Modules” page.

Initial Manufacturing Process

Each module is manufactured using the same ISO standards in the manufacturing process of shipping containers. All weldments are full penetration and coil stock material is rolled per the specification of the assembly part. Structural square and rectangle tubing is sized and engineered per the module type. These parts travel down and automated production line that QOS procedures are strict and to the highest of importance.

***For more information download our Brochure in our Downloads Section

Primer and Assembly Preparation

Each module is sprayed inside and out with two coats of Zinc primer for a final thickness and three coats of an exterior Acrylic Top coat.


Internal: Under Module: External:
  • Zinc Primer: 2 coats
  • Epoxy Paint: 2 coats
  • Total Thickness: 70u
  • Drying Procedure: Baked
  • Zinc Primer: 2 coats
  • Bitumen Paint: 2 Coats
  • Total Thickness: 175u
  • Drying Procedure: Baked
  • Zinc Primer: 2 coats
  • Acrylic Paint: 3 coats
  • Total Thickness: 110u
  • Drying Procedure: Baked

***For more information download our Brochure in our Downloads Section

Framing, Foam Door & Window Installation Procedures

Each module is framed using all steel studs and our patented keel framing system and sprayed with closed cell spray foam on all external walls. R-Values are specified per your region within the USA or by your architectural drawings. Doors and windows are installed following our patented processes. All doors and windows are manufactured in our facility and follow the determined E rating per region, with using 2 layer standard glass or 3 layer high impact glass.

***For more information download our Brochure in our Downloads Section

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