Step 1 - Feasibility Consultation

A "feasibility assessment" is the first step in determining whether a USA Smart Box 'Modular Building' is right for you and your property.

Option 1: No Site Visit

We suggest a 'No Site Visit' feasibility assessment when there are no issues to having a flatbed truck (up to 72ft in length) and a crane accessing within 30ft of your desired building location.

This assessment includes:

  • Phone consultation with our inside sales team
  • Zoning verification
  • Upgrade option pricing
  • Budgetary estimate for the USA Smart Box modular building, shipping, crane work and on-site installation
  • Design proposal for moving forward with Step 2
  • Cost is determined on design

Option 2: Site Visit

If you are uncertain with the accessibility in regards to a flatbed truck (up to 72ft in length) and crane accessing within 30ft of the desired building location, we suggest going with a Site Visit - Feasibility Assessment.

This assessment includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • Site visit by USA Smart Box to determine overhead crane clearance and truck accessibility
  • Review building location, orientation, foundation options and site-specific requirements
  • Zoning verification
  • Upgrade option pricing
  • Budgetary estimate
  • Design proposal for moving forward with Step 2
  • Cost is unique per project and location
Step 2 - Design and Engineering

When the design proposal is signed (within Step 1), USA Smart Box will provide you with the following:

Schematic Design

  • 3D visual of your modular building where revisions can be made and design approved before moving forward to the drawings

DP Set of Drawings

  • Site plan, floor-plans, elevations, sections and initial foundation design.
  • First draft of architectural set of drawings. Some jurisdictions allow this set as the Development Permit approval (planning) 
  • Engineering (some or all of these scopes may be needed depending on the jurisdiction)
  • Structural foundation design
  • USA Smart Box over stamp
  • Energy calculations
  • Civil engineering
  • Septic design
  • Soil report
  • State approval of USA Smart Box plans
Step 3 - 5% Reservation Deposit *Optional*
  • A 5% deposit on the price of your USA Smart Box 'Modular Building' is be held as a production spot and pricing for 6 months from time of payment. This deposit is refundable in the event you decide to discontinue the process, however, a 10% fee will be deducted IF your permits are denied. Your remaining construction deposit will be due 75 days from the production start date.
Step 4: Permit Submittals

When all architectural, engineering and certification documentation is complete, all drawings and accompanying documents are compiled and submitted for Building Permits.

Step 5: 40% Construction Down Payment

The 40% Manufacturing Down Payment is due 75 days prior to manufacturing start date.

Step 6: Production and 35% Progress Payment – Site Work Begins
  • We will provide updates and pictures of your ContainerModal 'Modular Building' at key stages of construction.
  • Your local contractor begins site preparation and foundation work.
  • The 35% manufacturing progress payment is due upon completion of the structural frame and prior to the start of:
    Module completion
    Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing  'rough-in'
    Paint and interior
Step 7: Completion of your USA Smart BoxModular Building and 25% payment
  • Upon completion of your ContainerModal 'Modular Building' in the factory, the final 25% of the unit is due.
  • 10% of this payment is held in a separate bank account and will be released upon the walk through sign off by the customer after installation onsite, less any deficiencies identified.
Step 8: 100% Shipping, Crane and Installation Payment
  • 30 days prior to the scheduled shipping date, we re-quote and provide you with the updated pricing for shipping, crane and installation.
  • Payment is due 15 days prior to the scheduled shipping date
Step 9: Delivery and Onsite Installation
  • When we confirm the site is ready to receive your ContainerModal 'Modular Building', we'll book the crane, trucks and send the ContainerModal team to your site.
  • TheContainerModal installation team will coordinate with the crane operator to land the individual modules onto the foundation once on site. Completing the modular building may take approximately 7 days, depending on the ContainerModal model and scope of work.
  • Site utilities are connected after the buildings are in place and welded to the foundation.
  • Final walk through and keys given presented to you!


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