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Refund Policy

ContainerModal strives to provide the best possible services and products to individuals and companies alike, we understand that sometimes things may not work out and a refund may be in order. With the vast amount of services we offer both tangible and digital refund policies can get complex and may not make sense too many people. We have based this online refund policy to cover our digital services as all tangible services are contracted for on a contract by contract basis and refunds terms along with payment terms are part of these separate agreements.

Refunds are designated and process on a case by case basis and on a per site basis for our refund policies on a per site basis please refer the correct site below for the refund policy set forth on that respective digital service.


Container Home Designs is our freelance marketplace site that work with you the purchaser and the designer that is producing the design for your container home or commercial structure. The following is how the refund process works for Container Home Designs:

  1. All service offered are on a case by cases between you and the freelance designer on the site.
  2. ContainerModal acts as your liaison when receiving payments for the services offered by the freelance designers and places these funds in an escrow account.
  3. You work directly with the designer on the site to cover all the aspects of the design you wish to have.
  4. Upon completion of your final review of the design you can decide if it satisfies your needs if:
    – The design is what you expect we release the portion of the funds due to the designer and your designs are released
    – The design does not meet your expectations, please see #5
  5. If the design from the freelancer does not meet your expectations we will look at all of the correspondence between yourself and designer. Since these are digital goods we must be careful to not only protect you from fraud, but to also protect the designer from producing a product that is received by you. The determination of the outcome will be based on the following criteria:
    – There is ample proof in communications that show you have not been happy with the design efforts
    – You have not received any of the design material that the designer provided to you
    – Your design is not completed
  6. If any of the sub items of #5 in this refund policy the full amount will be refunded to your card that was used with the exception of the 4% card processing fee.
  7. If none of the criteria in #5 is not met there will be no refund issued and your design will be delivered as offered by the freelance designer.



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