Shipping Container Movements

Our softwares Dashboard keeps you on top of what containers are in coming and outgoing without the headache of missing a beat worrying about lost bills of lading, shipment manifests or homegrown documents on a clipboard.

Shipments and Container Pickups Made Easy

ContainerModal software was developed internally from a boots on the ground effort. ContainerModal has purchased, trucked in, sold over 100 Containers per month for a 14 months period in Eastern TN. During this time we simply could not find software that could provide us a simple and intuitive platform that would give us the ability to effectively track incoming container shipments, log them into our yard and ship them to customers after they were sold. It was this lack of platform availability that “ShipContainer Logistics software was born by ContainerModals’ founder.

ContainerModals’ founder has been in Technological Development since 1982 and founded some of the most interesting Technologies on the Internet today. Some of these founding technologies include, multimedia streaming support systems, Challenge Response (Captcha), Email Systems and Software, including Outlook on the web and numerous other technologies that people find as common place today and use as part of their daily routine.

ContainerModals’ founder leveraged this technological ability and created “Ship” from a boots on the ground need and effort, leveraging his User Interface experience from decades of successful deployments. We are confident that you will find the “Ship” platform an easy to use and intuitive way to keep track of all of your shipping container shipments both, in-coming and out-going.

Core Features

Summary Dashboard


At a Glance

Knowing is half the battle, so they say! If you have been in the shipping container business you already know that knowing is all the battle when it comes to logistics management! Our Dashboard gives you an immediate view into your containers movements while letting you know at a glance:

  • How many open Contracts are outstanding
  • How many units have been delivered
  • How many failed delivery attempts

This is all done in a simple format that keeps you on top of your game and ahead of your competition. We all know mis-haps in logistics in our industry means BIG dollars and no Sense!

Contract Management


Contracts Simplified

As we all know in the contracts generated by Lease Companies, Equipment Owners, Depots, and ports all put multiple container on one contract number. This can get a bit confusing when you have multiple internal trucks and third party logistics companies handling your incoming and out going container shipments. “Ship” simplifies this process by:

  • Consolidation of multiple container on one contract number
  • Allows proper handling of multiple containers on a per contract basis
  • Allows assignment of Internal or External trucks to each container
  • Allows the selection of a Depot for which that contract has originated
  • Allows the selection of a Port for which that contract has originated
  • Allows the assignment of an internal Purchase Order Number for that contract
  • Provides a snapshot of the contract history, such Date, Location, Status, Updated By, Remarks, Action
  • Allows assignment of a Client to the Entire Contract (if you broker a sale)
  • Gives and easy update on a per contract basis with pre-configured statuses
Container Management


Managing incoming and out-going shipments for your container purchases and sales is straight forward and easy. The user interface is not cluttered with features that are not needed.


  • Shipment Number
  • Packages or products in the Container
  • Shipment History
  • Current Status of shipment tracking and process
Depots & Ports Management


Managing and knowing the difference between Port and Depots makes an enormous difference in knowing what truck or trucking company to send. Every port and depot has different requirements and sometimes getting that information can be a hassle. “Ship” allows you to get that information one time and store, giving anyone that has access to the systems the ability to contact a port or depot, whether it is a driver stuck in a line or the guy working out in the yard handling incoming containers into your yard.


  • Easily Add a port or depot
  • Assign a port or depot to a contract
  • Expedite shipping logistics without hunting and searching for key information
  • Pull up the contact information for a port or depot in a moments notice
Third Party Trucking & Internal Fleet Management


You can not do it all, we get it, our software gives you the ability to manage not only your Internal Fleet, but also any third party trucking companies, large and small.


  • Add you internal trucks and manage them when you create a shipment for one of your contracts
  • Add you third party trucks and manage them when you create a shipment for one of your contracts
  • Add the number of internal truck count you have
  • Add the number of third party trucks that each independent trucking company has
  • Select third party trucking companies as active or in-active
  • Select the transport type

“Ship” was designed to give you the flexibility you will need and keep your containers moving

Customer and Internal Shipment Management


“Ship” give you the full control you need to add people to the system whether they are individuals or internal locations. Know when your containers are inbound to your yard or to a customers address.


  • Add Customers
  • Add Individual Clients
  • Add your company yards or branches

Get Started

We offer three plans to keep it as simple as possible, each plan has a one time Setup fee of $125.00 and can be waived for a yearly pre-payment.

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